Senin, 19 Maret 2012


What is more happy than what is called a relationship of friendship. And I'm grateful to have them (re: my friends) and we called this friendship with "Jembi", 5girls who are friends from school in 2003 and running until now, about the friendship we have established 9 years old.
There renatha Windha as ce chie, erylna yuliawan as Lyntong, Reni as Kecil ,iffa as iepeh and me as rajong. Hehe ..
We grew out of adolescence and is now a mature woman who will, and the five of us shared love of fashion and have the characteristics and preferences of each.

Our friendship started since we sat d rather school in 2003 and continues today.Our relationship had been separated due to their busy college and I do not know a thing because our relationship is established again until now. Work activities is the reason we can not gather complete, and fortunately this month of March there jembi member's birthday "kecil, me and ce chie" so this reason that we can make a complete assembly.
GIRL n FASHION is like two sides of a coin that can not be separated, we have our own style but were complete each other. The various properties and make our journey more closely. And here we go. Some of the things that we often do ...
at cak gundul .. 
on me 
dresses "gee-eight"

me and iepeh
on me
blouse : abstract
grey jeans : Mango 
wedges : no labels

velvet colours ... at SUKA_SUKA

at JHONNY ANDREAN Sslon .. me times girls day out

completly Jembi.. HAPPY BDAY TO KECIL N ME... :D :D

notes : bad times good times spread with love

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Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

Catch The Bright Shine

Happy new year everybody .. its kind of late but no problem hehe WELCOME 2012 new year new me new month with my new stories ...:How I miss my blog so much, im not busy but I did not have time to writein my blog for a while with many Reasons. How about your new yearseve? great! I hope you have a lot of happiness to share.

Talking about my new year eve .. hmm nothing special, Because in my country have a bad season "rainy all the time" and I just spend my timewith mom and dad watching the DVD "Korean movie" until night long. : D"what a beautiful night", I have some stories I want to share with you.

Early Years surprise, I lost my job .. its so sad to share, but I write this to make my self more than before Stronger. Yeah honestly its so hard (notonly for me but also for my parents) its so suck time when I told them that i did not work again.  im sad but I do not want to give up, just like myoutfit "I really want to CATCH THE BRIGHT like Sunshine". haha

The fall and hurt, spend your time talking to him, for making me feel calmer.
Each person had fallen and hurt and confronted by two choices of "STAND UP AND STRIVE" or still injured and later died.
There's something behind the bad events GOOD, GOD always give you the best 
And then now, I get mw new job .. huaa now in the new world of banking,

i would to say .. happy lunar year, happy valentine too....

orange blazer : beb coco mega shop
shorts : no labels
shoes: no labels