Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

curhat awal tahun 2017

sudah di tahun 2017 aja.. time goes so fast yaa. ga berasa banget ternyata menyempatkan waktu untuk menulis susah (alesan bgt..) , oh ya mau sharing sedikit awal tahun kemaren sempet sedih gegara akun ig kena hacked. Sedih sebel nangis seharian dan akun ig ga tetep ga balik (haha poor me..)

awalnya beberapa hari sebelum ig ke hacked sempet ga bisa login katanya password salah, laah padahal ig ga pernah di logout. sempet panik untung bf siap siaga bantuin benerin dan alhamdulillah masih bisa login dan bisa stalking dan upload foto ..

hari berikutnya ...
kejadian serupa datang lagi , coba login katanya password salah. coba buka lewat facebook pake no telepon dan nihil ga bisaaaaa.... udah mulai panik , minta tolong suami benerin ,coba buka pake email kaya biasanya dan tenyata emailnya uda di ganti. kata bf FIX uda ke hacked soalnya akun jualanya suami juga pernah ke hacked juga. disitu drama dimulai langsung nangis ga jelas , cuma mikir salah apa aku ... ko bisa jahat banget . ini ga sekali kena hacked sebelumnya taun lalu akun fb juga kena hacked, gegara waktu itu aplikasi kehapus sebelum sempet logout.

yah cuma bisa nenangin dan nyemangatin diri sendiri . being hacked by someone we doesnt know itu rasanya abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxz. bukannya drama yaa tapi bayangin deh misal uda bikin dari tahun 2006 ada temen Tk Sd SMP SMA Kuliah sampe officemates yang lama dan baru ngilang gitu aja dan harus bikin mulai dari awal lagi ditambah kalo orang yang ngebajak akun kita pake foto dan nulis status ga jelas atas nama kita. itu yang bikin ngeri sendiri takutnya nanti foto-foto kita dipake ato parahnya ngirim direct message ke temen kita dan ngomong yang engga-engga. (soalnya amit2 ya , ada crita temen yang katanya sodaranya transfer duit gara-gara dipikir sodaranya kirim pesen via facebook gitu) semoga ga sampe segitunya yaaa yang ngebajak akun socmed aku.

ooh yaa .. setelah kejadian ke hacked kemaren , sempet bikin lagi akun ig pake email yahoo yang sama yang pernah ke hacked dan akhirnya saya ke hacked lagi (uda bikin 2 akun padahal,nama juga uda beda) agak gondok lagi dan harus menerima kenyataan kalo akun ig dibajak orang rusia dan semua foto di akun itu dihapus dan cuma ambil followers aja. so fuccscngdnwwdcdgchd, dan akhirnya bikin akun lagi pake akun gmail dan alhamdulillah lancar .

kena hacked jadi bikin pelajaran tersendiri buat ga sembarangan naruh email di bio , lebih hati2 kalo mau buka via aplikasi atau pc dan jangan lupa logout kalo pake pc biar ga jadi korban. sedih dan nangis sah sah aja tapi jangan kelamaan , mumpung masih diawal tahun yang baru jadi bikin ig dengan konsep baru dan semoga kedepannya akunnya awet terus.

akun ig dulu @megaraalways - skrg @rahmamegara
sekarang semua akun bisa cari rahma hartika megara pratiwi yaaa.
smoga bisa ketemu temen-temen lama lagi smoga socmed baru ini  menjalin silaturahmi sama keluarga dan temen-temen semuanya ..

done fo today , see ya soon

Minggu, 26 April 2015

still lost in south korea

talk again about my last trip to south korea , its been two months ago but i cant move on from that place. and  now we almost in the end of april, kind of late to write but yeah i feel so bad i cant write just because i do not have time to write , i have a busy schedules in my weekend (i'll tell that soon as possible) so this my late story when i get lost in my seoul..

day 2 
12/02/2015 we decided this day to go to EVERLAND because we woke up very late in this morning , we think that play a whole day is the best idea and then here we go. from the guide book that i read before we can catch the bus from gangnam street. the bus took me about an a hour. the bus remind me of a lot of kdrama that i watched . OMOO !! IM SIT In HERE ... the traffic is look like in kdrama too.. so crowded,  and i think they drive with reckless of oats but finally we arrive safely.


so glad to see the sun even the wind still make us frozen ... brrrrr

GANGNAM STREET is one of the famoust district in south korea "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE" psy . place that we can see the technology advances,great buildings and theres so many cute place to hang and special place when you really want to have face like a barbie . you can see a lot of plastic surgery clinic in here.

 this is a famous tree in everland . so happy to be here there a lot of game that we can play in here . i do not fear with extreme sport or game but this place .. seriously i can say anything the weather is going bad . too windy and the temperature going minus again. 23000 won for entry and its open 10.00 am till 20.00 pm .from the many games area that exist at everland i just enjoy to watch 4d concert of bigbang. haha

do not eat churros in this place , its too expensive . haha 

yeay lucky me .. i can take 4d picture with bigbang member free with silly story behind. haha. 

theres a lot of pretty things in here the decoration of winter so amaze me.. the game too even i choose to not play anything in there .. but fo me everland so great place , must visited place when you come to south korea, but not in winter season i guess..

see ya again in the next story .

Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

get lost in seoul day 1

still in the day 1 ..

after visited the yg building we continue to go to banpo bridge  to see the moonlight rainbow fountain which be the must visited object in korea. why its called rainbow fountain ?? because when the sun begins to set , there 200 multicolored light illuminate the fountain that falls directly into the han river under the bridge.

The fountain is flowing from the left and right side of the bridge, which is 1,140 m in length. Water discharge issued approximately 190 tons per minute. The fountain is falling at a distance of 43 meters from the bridge. Accompanied by music, rainbow fountain is like to dance. and this show recorded by guinness world record and  if you k-drama fever you should be know banpo bridge is always be the set in every k-drama. 

in case ..
actually i kinda doesnt agree to go there in day 1 just because we has arrived in different temperature . from 30 in my country and extremely be minus celcius in south korea it so worried me just because i just wear long john, shirt, leather jacket, and legging and without any preparation how to get there and time to see that show but we still go there with bismillah. hehe

in the middle trip 
my friends wasnt have strong faith and start shopping in the "market station", my watch showing in  near eight number according to source of the books i read the show starts at 8 pm and only lasted about 15 minutes. after leaving the station exit we get confused to which pass road that should we choose and walk with no direction finally we find a long wide street and in the end i see the light twinkle in the distance. it seems that place that were looking for.

we also rushed to get there. we passed this street so familiar in the memory, this location like set in K-drama that I watch. shaped like a jogging track or bike tracking, there so many people have exercise in here or just enjoying the view of han river. this night the wind is very strong and i saw the temperature get minus in three celcius, seriously i cant enjoy the view. and time show 8.30 pm yeaaah we couldnt see anything and getting frozen. 

we decided to enter the CNN cafe for looking for the warmth. 

CNN cafe locaation in Banpo Hangang Park , the best place with beautiful view. you can order coffee and the warm things. places rated 9 prices standard but fo me the waiters less to use english languange. it make us in difficulty situation to order something. (its look like awkward moments when i dont know what you said and so do i haha ) but finally the awkward moments has done and we can have our vanilla latte and hot chocolate.

 as i said this cafe has a great architecture , cozy , and  very romantic places. you can see a lot of people not only the tourist but also the local residents. the wi-fi connection is fast and this place equipped with electric plugs so we can charge our smartphone.

time show 10 pm time to go home and walk again .when we want to find a way to get back to the station, we look for another way to follow people who go into the tunnel and I ventured to ask how to go to the station.

I meet two young lady and they are very good-natured though once again the constraints in the language but they would drive me to the station. they are so nice, but when i arrive in station my fellas get lost or maybe the correct answer i lost them. i think i walk faster than them. im wait with hope because i dont bring router of wifi ,my passport and cash money .. poor me but its about 10 minutes waiting in front of station they come. so glad to see thei faces .. my bad fellas so sorry.

it takes one hour to get our guest house , its so  loooong day and i thin my feet become numbs. i dont know how far we walked today but thanks god im in seoul.

good night friends, see ya in my other recent trip to south korea

Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

remembering feb

hello friends , im back again in beginning of my month "March" is kind of late but i would like to say happy valentine and happy lunar year for those celebrate.

remembering Feb , 

febuary for me is not only about month of love but more than that , ive been waiting this month for couples month ago and finally D day come .. my dreams come true i went go to SOUTH KOREA with my fellas. WHY SOUTH KOREA ?? korean fever has successfully entered in my country Indonesia and i ones of million people here who affected korean waves. im not fan of K-POP but i truly fall in love with korean Dramas. ( i buy a lot DVDs and watched almost everyday) . i always dreaming about the atmosphere ,the people, the weather and everything about korea and because i went go there in feb (its still winter seasons) so i really want to know "the SNOW" because theres no winter seasons in my country. and here it is my memories in my Seoul.

day 1

im arrived in incheon airport in the morning , and i was greeted with the cold air and what the first impression when i see the airport ?? omooo alhamdulillah , finally im here cant wait to get lost in here . And and like most developed countries incheon airport is the airport which was very spacious with full amenities. after we buy T-Money were going to our guest house in hongdae. we had lost with a briefcase and cold weather to get there but fortunately we found our guest house "THE HAEMIL" 30, Donggyoro 46gil (384-1, Yeonnam-dong), Mapo-gu,Shinchon / Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea (Show on map

The couple of guest house is very kind & nice. mrs kim has a superb hand the breakfast is so delicious. they have warm heart and make me feel like home. and of course the room is clean and tidy. oh ya location the hemil is near with subway station exit 10 (strategic place)

after have a rest , were start to get walk around our guest house to find meal to late lunch. almost restaurant in here open in night so we choose Travel Maker and fo me is best choice , affordable price fpr the thick and big pancakes i ever know the strowbery is sweet n big too, i cant finished by myself. hiks
oh ya for toast is using bacons so for moslem dont forget to say NO PORK to the waiters so we had big toast with full scrambled egg inside.

my meal "pancakses strowbery and bananas"

inside trevel maker

the outside .. so blue so comfy so nice place for the starter .. 

thats our complete meal that we order . even cold outside but orange juice iced is better than hot chocolate haha.  we eat and discussion about what place next to seen . after read guide book we go to yg entertainment because one of my friend is big fans of BigBang so there we go..

YG ENTERTAINMENT is located in hongdae area too , is little too far but its okay because i know how fan is it . we go faraway from indonesia so we should have to know with our eyes YG building . the weather at the time is too windy and were in minus celcius temperature so walk faster is the best way.

FYI actually i dont even know about BigBang haha .. but when i see YG building is so awesome building and for all the fans of YG family who wait and yealing in front this building i feel oh my gosh "its so damn cold outside and the fans is amazing crazy" yeaah my friend has a happy face even we dont see any artist but see the building is enough .

day 1 is not over yet .. i'll tell you tomorrow .. 
picture taken with iphone samsung with fisheye lens

Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

say hi to 2015

this is a first feb in 2015 , month of love like we known btw i would like to say happy new year everyone.. is kind of late but thats okay right ? i hope this year will be better and better.

2015 for me is time to make a changes into a good life . after marriage on 3rd june 2014 till know my weight is getting high and high , hiks
i do strict diet , start with no consume rice , eat only onces a day and the results is... The Doctor told me that im sick , theres something wrong with my liver . when the normal people should have SGOT 17-33 mine is 530. so i should have to take a rest for a week. No work No activity just eat and sleep. the doctor also told me to eat n drink the sugar things n should not do exercise . you know what is amazed me .. my liver getting normal and im getting Fat. haha 

even tough the lab check at moment said i recover but sometimes i still feel pain in my tummy when i get so much stressed or tired so its makes me feel awry . So this year i make a promise with my self i really want to be Healthy People. because when you getting sick not only you are but also the nearest people around you, your pocket  feel the pain too and makes me feeling guilty. so many people said that HEALTHY IS EXPENSIVE and i think is so truly right because what pay the doctor is not cheap. So guys when you feel your body is not in a good condition do not exert your self, have a rest and then dont forget to get some exercise "your body is need wet, dont only sit or sleep  in your room in a weekend but make a move."

what im gonna do ??

1. Sleep earlier 
2. try to fasting every monday and thursday 
3. wake up earlier to have jogging
4. do not skip breakfast 
5. do exercise after work , i choose YOGA (i'll tell about it soon)
6. mineral water only
7. eat more food containing fiber like veggie fruit n Yogurt 

is gonna be hard work for me , but i'll try my best . is not only about number of your weight but your good health.

take care everybody .

my kind of sunday , after walking around my house i find the comfy place to sit n this me time . Reading my fav magazine ever gogirl! (january issue so inspiring) 

for recommend i choose heavenly blush yogurt for accompany me this morning. Blackcurrant is my fav. Yogurt is good for our body. high fiber less sugar