Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Taman PELANGI (rainbow) ...

Hello bloggers , still with me “Megara” . I want share about my hometown “SURABAYA” for this post.  Surabaya is a metropolitan city located on an island eastern Java precisely JAVA. Average climate in this city quite Hot and dry so often many people in Indonesia said that Surabaya is a HOT CITY. Although hot but this city has a high historical value and isn’t inferior to other cities. In addition to heat the city also received designation as a HERO city , because in this city there are relics of the history of the heroes of the struggle for independence.
Surabaya is growing to become an independent city and this town has own meaning for me. Maybe not so calm as Jogja but if you visited Indonesia or Java you should have to come in here .. “Monggo Mampir rek”
In this post, I’ll invite you all to enjoying this city. Well, we starting from here .. “TAMAN PELANGI” (rainbow park) . this place is one hangout place for youngest and one object that can be visited tourist attractions. Located on Jl.A.YANI , the function of the exixtence of this monument is as a welcome to enter the city of surabaya.  Before it used to be a garden spot this place is used as a gas station and then few years ago (2009) the government of surabaya successfully make this place more beautiful, useful and can be an interesting place to visit if you go to this city.

Taman pelangi has monumental arches and patterned LED lighting providing absolutely resembles a living Rainbow. And you know what is look like Very awesome !!!  who creating this ?? I heard this park is designed by architect of ITS (yeay its my almamater :D)  

Ok theres some photo of me and my friend …

me :
stripes red dress : bebcocomegashop
jacket : blackjack

they are my beloved and my rainbow ever
caraka, banu, masca, unang, aji, om udis, me, diazaro, hakiki
we always do something together , im gonna share them in other post .. i really miss them a lot , after graduate and get some job were not in the same city now. luckly even we faraway were connected each other with BBM .. hehe.. i wish we can hang out full team "MABEZ"

silly dating with BF ... :D

 ps : just come here at night , because the light turn on in the night .. dont forget to take pictures and get some fun in there ... 

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

MOM is everything... !!!

Its almost at the end of 2011 , yeah don’t forget to say “Happy Holiday everyone” and also HAPPY MOTHER DAY (22 december)..
Always have a lot of stories about our mother and im very blessing have her in my life. Thanks ALLAH for give her to me.  Yeah MOM is everything, every Mom in the world is SUPER MOM .. 

its a lil bit about her..

When I was child , she always found a time to teach me and give me a lot attention even she busy because when I was child I always stay at home alone…
When I start to grown to be a teenager , she always restrict myself but now she gave the freedom to choose and take the responsibility with what I choose.
When I feel down and scared she always said just try for the best, pry  and lt Allah determine the result. Not a big problem if you got fails but how you can manage to get up and learn from the mistakes.
When I was bestrayed and hurt by someone, she said “never hate and always remember his kindness.
When I receieved my firs salary and wan to give her she said “ just save for your self dear, I don’t need it but remember reserving some of your money o child an orphan.
you getting 23 years old now but you always be my little girl. When you have married someday don’t forget to me and be a good mother and adherent with your husband.

Love you MOM

have a nice holiday .. cant wait 31 december :D

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

BAD turn into GOOD

Last week ive got  BAD n GOOD things , the bad things “ive lost my Vehicle Registration (STNK) , I don’t know why my STNK lost but something that I know I put my STNK in my pocket of jacket.. huhu clumsy me.. :’(

After the bad , there are things make me feel Happy . still in last week, ive got an sms “ congratulations, you passed the selection stage of the hiring Angkasa Pura” , hmm I don’t realized because I have sent my application for 2 months ago. So, I went go to Jakarta (Monday and Tuesday) with my dady to attended the first Test and now I just waiting for the next result . (wish me luck)

Ok next my other happiness , ive got this from IMMA BATIK . the sarimbit batik for me and BF, so lovely isn’t it ? I love the colour , model and also the pattern. Thank you so much for that..

from here

the detail

learn something.. "more carefull and do not careless again"
bad events do not always bring bad things sometimes ALLAHhas prepared good news for his people. always remember ALLAH plan is always good

have a nice day

Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

we love Indonesia

I always have interesting story while spending time with my BF like while ago when there are football matches for Seagames Championship in inventions, and Bf took me to watch the final match together.
We didn’t not watch the game directly in stadion GBK but we don’t lose much excitement with other fans in the stadium . me and BF look so Red at the time , because flag of my country are Red (means brave) white (means saintly) , n we choose the red because we want to look tough .. hehe
Hmm, when I see the games at the time my county was win and forward to the next level “FINAL” , yeay we feel so happy at the time hug tightly each other and everybody near us was screaming loud. (really feel like we watching in the stadium even we only see at the big screen)
And the final match comes … every player of two countries really doing the best games, extra time and eventually end up in the penalty box. So sad when remind this , but it doesn’t matter , it just a game, maybe my country eligible to win, I still love my country and all the football team “Garuda Muda”. Keep the spirit and the struggle is not over.
 We can do more better.. we Love you "INDONESIA" (garuda didadaku)

red favor .. me n BF having a good time at the KFC , silly face hehe..

11.december.2011 (on the phone)
me : i think he forget about this day ..
bf  : hmm , i dont forget dear , happy anniversary for us, not realized almost 2 years we've been together.
bf  : always loves you .. more n more ..
me : me too , big hug n kisses hun.. "happy for us"

Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Jogja "making memory"

I always have a lot memories in this city , and I really makes me want to keep returning again and again. These photos are a collection of photos when I spend holiday in that town “ JOGJA “ with my another soulsister “ ayu conie” n her BF “ ahmad tonkq”, "hakiki mayasari", "cepot" and also my BF.

Indonesia (my country) has so many places that must be visited, one of which is the city of “Jogjakarta”. In there you can find the beautiful places with full elements of culture, the people are very friendly, and the atmosphere … hmmm I guarantee it will always be addicted if you vistided this place. I really miss that town, It’s a long time I didn’t visit there …
I wish I can go there soon as possible ,  “jogja making memory”
i love jogja because the town always teach me how to be my self , and makes me strong enough..

at keraton jogjakarta

at taman sari

with "cepot" "o km of Malioboro street

me and "hakiki maya sari" at HOUSE OF RAMINTEN
my BF .. look from behind , walk on rail station

me and my BF .. i love this pict :) :)

the best friend and couples i ever meet .. love ya..

naek "BECAK" , traditional moda transportation (you should have to try this :) )

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

i love shoes part II

hello everyone , im forget to write something in my post last day. hehe..
every girl love shoes , and i addicted too .. so now i have new project with my BF to make custom shoes handmade, still in my shop my annabel , you can order kind of shoes do you want to .. for detail, material,colour and you can get an affordable prize.
if you interest , you can sent me email saia_megara@yahoo.com

i always dreaming to have lil butique someday , because fashion, art, photograph are my blood :D ..

keep imagine and stay hungry
have a nice day everyone *

Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Sparkling Sunday

I am very excited about this morning, because I will come to attend the event "SPARKLING SUNDAY with hijabee" in the restaurant nine Surabaya. Not only me excited about  these days but also my soulsister (my cousins "vey shinta" and hakiki Mayasari ") early mornig they bbm to wake me up. invitation event at start 09.30 and I had bath from 7am, help my mom, prepare breakfast and waiting my BF come to pick me up. there is a problem wrote in this morning, from the "bf" a late wake up to my BF motorcycle tire leak and we had to find a workshop. Hahaha  really struggle in the morning, but Alhamdulillah finally I and my cousins arrived safely at the restaurant nine.

The event presented a very interesting start of the beauty, charm in the person of a Muslim woman, how to become a entrepreneurship , bazaars until the fashion show was shown (really do not regret coming). Not only are the performers who really entertaining but the hijabee Surabaya who had come to the event "Subhan Allah" were beautiful and really fashionable. Not wrong if i say im proud of my hijab, even though I have yet to fully wear the hijab but with this show  I really will try to cover the nakedness and quickly use the full hijab. (amen)

Until the awaited event, talk show with "dian pelangi" and "kak lulu", one word "awesome", not expecting to see in person, was really beautiful. That I love her statement in making every effort, always intend all to Allah.

So much fun today, although it is a bit tiring but the experience today really will not be forgotten. Hopefully science provided useful (insha allah)

theres some pictures from the show ...

the fashion show .. 

break at lunch .. yummy food :) 

the bazaar... 

me and my nephew

i have some new stuf 
on me : 
hareem "lucida"
blue " orange"
wedges "unbrand"
bag "mulbery"
editing by me

with Dian pelangi and Lulu

theres my soulsister " me , hakiki mayasari and vey shinta"

Rabu, 23 November 2011

about her

being a single child in my family not make me feel alone , yeah sometimes i feel so 
but it doesnt matter because i have soulsister to full fil my life , one of my soulsister is my cousins . let me introduce her ..
her name is "vey shinta mayasari" , were grown together. we have a quality time together since we still young . shopping, traveling, working ( she help me, to be my model for my onlineshop :p) and so many things. 

on me and her : blazer from "beb coco mega shop"
shoes: no labels
photograph : diazaro
editing by me

our age not differ much adrift just one year so we're close. lil bit about her .. she have a skiny body , smart, and also have a good personality. she has a bad memories with her ex-bf but now shes grown quickly and found a new love. i wish he could be the last for my sistah... (amin)

in my family, my granddaughter of my grandfather was attended mostly in enginering majors, including me and my cousins. we have the same title behind our name , ST (engenering major) . although the majority of engenering campus was occupied by men doesnt change our mind to forget about fashion. we still in love dressing and photograph ever ... :D

do not feel our age has been increasingly growing up , now our mission is same, to make our family happy and getting married as soon as posible..
always hope the best for you sistah.. i hope we can reach our dream..
love and big hug ..
thank you for accompany me .... :) :)

Kamis, 17 November 2011

im in BOW

hello everybody , 
i have a new lil project with my mommy now.. there are some our creativity ... this is from our soul n made from love :D

 we made some bow for hair band, hair clip or some pin. we divide some task, momy make the pattern and then sew to make a beautiful rbbon and then my jobs are combine the colour , finishing and publishing..

this is for sale , 

colourfull like a rainbow and cute like a bow.. 
i sell some stuf in Gogirlmagz , my store name is my annabel .. :) :)

Minggu, 13 November 2011


its a couples a day before , but i just really want to share my happines with you ...
special number for me , because i celebrate my anniverssary with my BF , almost two years ..
and my feelings is still same ... i love him more and more .....

my BF gave me that cake, so lovely .....
so many thing happend in our relationship, not only about happines, sometimes we get hurt and sad, laugh with tears.. many problem but we alwaystry to believe that, every problem teach us to make us better and better.

we have dream and we try to catch it ... we know we can.. :) :)
i love you more......

thanks God, to send him to me 

on him :
grey sweter Rown division
jeans Tira
bag eiger
on me :
polka top no labels

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Fashion Quotes of the day .....

my fashion quotes today :

To be fashionable should not buy or use goods branded or expensive, because I believe bargains are not always bad or ugly, and vice versa branded goods is not always perfect.

 Sometimes I also wanted to buy branded good things but as my mother said, "just try to experiment with what you have (clothes), do not have to wear fancy clothes to look fashionable but be your self and believe in what you use, you will look perfect." that words makes me realized that we can be fashionable without hurting yourself. 

on me :
LBD (made by myself)
bow belt (no labels)
shoes (st.lawrence)
etnic bracelet ( malioboro, jogjakarta)

ok dear, lets follow heart to have what you want.. just try , do, and pray insya allah will be true...
thats all for me , have a nice day everybody 

Rabu, 02 November 2011

hello november rain....

hello everybody, welcome back with me again... so long time do not write and im feel so guilty, im busy that i can say.. yeah i have a new project now with my BF and my bestie.. not too far from fashion and  that job make me dying. hahaha...

when im confused and so suck with im to do, i have my mood boster,  im very grateful because i have a wonderfull MOM, DAD, BF who always helping me and teach me how to be patient in every condition. im serious n fall in love my new project and someday  i hope i can be a good entrepreneurs.

on me :
tosca scalop dress : my annabel shop
blazer : my annabel shop
owl necklace : my annabel shop
shoes:  mee

welcome new month.. november with rain.. bring the happiness pleasee...