Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

I N D O N E S I A ....

last yesterday 17 August 2011 , my country INDONESIA has a celebrate the 66th independence day.  i love INDONESIA ... you should has to come to my country because we have a lot of beautiful things. the historical, culture, foods, and so many things. im very grateful to be born and grown in here.

one word but is so meaningful "MERDEKA"(freedom) ..... !!!! and merdeka for me means ....
* when people can be totaly free from poverty and food crisis, even tough they live in a country known for exrtaordinary wealth of this.
* when the nation's leaders really care about the fate of this people sincerely promise and not for himself and just for his faction welfare.
*when urban development was based on the interest society rather than just for the profit.
* when INDONESIA citizen , governments, and leaders of nations would fight together for the welfare of this country.
* Igonorance of health and Welfare of the public starvation in Indonesia getting better.

There are still lots of notes and renewal needs to be done. whetever the leader now and later, the problem inside this, i still and always love my beautiful country INDONESIA
hopefully indonesia has a great leader soon as possible, be mature because you no longer young.

merah putih, garuda di dadaku, indonesia you are the blessed country in the world.

 on me:
military red blazer : bebcocomegashop
shorty : no labels
boot : Diazaro


Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Fashion Quotes of the day .....

Fashion is not all to be beautiful but fashion teach you how to be yourself

Easy way to look beautiful , the keys are be real and be your self …….

            -megara -

Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

we love hijab

There is always a reason to love these photosI feel all of us (in the photois so colorful)Most people may be too monotonous use of the hijabbut after seeing and reading the blogs of  Hijabers communitydian rainbow (www.dianrainbow.blogspot.com) so it really made me and my friends want to learn and explore the hijab in to a real fashion.

Enjoy this moments...

this is me with other girls .. they are (from left) vey, ayu conie, me , sylvia, arista, benda, muti, and diah

thanks to :
potograph by sampank @d_free
hijab style sylvia a.k.a @jamjamur
wadrobe and make up @ayuconie
and all of girls ( we look awesome :D)
editing by megara
location : UNAIR , surabaya

Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

Philosophy of happiness

I think the thing that makes me really happy is when  ....

1. Seeing my parents smiling and proud of what I do.
(Although it will never be enough to repay them but I really wish I could return the favor and make them happy.)
2. Able to rise from adversity and be able to continue to live with a smile.
3. When spending time with him to this day and until later ....
4. Having them in my life (mom, dad, BF, friends and also Haters)
5. Able  to feel and appreciate the love
6. Prayer and my dream come true

..... etc

graduation day

on me : pinkish Kebaya "design by my self" 

this is one of my favorite photo ever, because i can see smile from my beloved Mom and Dad.... 
 i have no brother and sister so i promise to my self to make my parents happy and i'll be a good girl for them...

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

welcome holy month ...

Hello im here again, oh I miss my blog so badly…
Never realized that , I can reunite with highly anticipated this month. Time for me and all uslims around the world celebrate this.  Ramadhan means time to collect the goodness and abstinence to whit stand hunger, anger, and behave.
I love ramadhan because I have a lot a quality time with My MOMS and Dad. Thanks Allah for giving me chance to see this month.
Happy FASTING everybody ……
may allah bless us 

i have spend the day with my besties last sunday, and we have some cutey photoshoot with use  "HIJAB STYLE". 

on me : tshirt-no labels, grey trousers -Soda, bag-nolabels, shoes-me, rings-Cheapstuff

 they are my besties , sylvia as conie sisters and ovey as my nephew. we look so glamorous isnt it ?? BLACK is never BORING To combine with anything.

hijab style by jamjamur (sisyl)
photograph by sampank
editing by me
location KEIKO (kedai Kopi) Surabaya