Rabu, 23 November 2011

about her

being a single child in my family not make me feel alone , yeah sometimes i feel so 
but it doesnt matter because i have soulsister to full fil my life , one of my soulsister is my cousins . let me introduce her ..
her name is "vey shinta mayasari" , were grown together. we have a quality time together since we still young . shopping, traveling, working ( she help me, to be my model for my onlineshop :p) and so many things. 

on me and her : blazer from "beb coco mega shop"
shoes: no labels
photograph : diazaro
editing by me

our age not differ much adrift just one year so we're close. lil bit about her .. she have a skiny body , smart, and also have a good personality. she has a bad memories with her ex-bf but now shes grown quickly and found a new love. i wish he could be the last for my sistah... (amin)

in my family, my granddaughter of my grandfather was attended mostly in enginering majors, including me and my cousins. we have the same title behind our name , ST (engenering major) . although the majority of engenering campus was occupied by men doesnt change our mind to forget about fashion. we still in love dressing and photograph ever ... :D

do not feel our age has been increasingly growing up , now our mission is same, to make our family happy and getting married as soon as posible..
always hope the best for you sistah.. i hope we can reach our dream..
love and big hug ..
thank you for accompany me .... :) :)

Kamis, 17 November 2011

im in BOW

hello everybody , 
i have a new lil project with my mommy now.. there are some our creativity ... this is from our soul n made from love :D

 we made some bow for hair band, hair clip or some pin. we divide some task, momy make the pattern and then sew to make a beautiful rbbon and then my jobs are combine the colour , finishing and publishing..

this is for sale , 

colourfull like a rainbow and cute like a bow.. 
i sell some stuf in Gogirlmagz , my store name is my annabel .. :) :)

Minggu, 13 November 2011


its a couples a day before , but i just really want to share my happines with you ...
special number for me , because i celebrate my anniverssary with my BF , almost two years ..
and my feelings is still same ... i love him more and more .....

my BF gave me that cake, so lovely .....
so many thing happend in our relationship, not only about happines, sometimes we get hurt and sad, laugh with tears.. many problem but we alwaystry to believe that, every problem teach us to make us better and better.

we have dream and we try to catch it ... we know we can.. :) :)
i love you more......

thanks God, to send him to me 

on him :
grey sweter Rown division
jeans Tira
bag eiger
on me :
polka top no labels

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Fashion Quotes of the day .....

my fashion quotes today :

To be fashionable should not buy or use goods branded or expensive, because I believe bargains are not always bad or ugly, and vice versa branded goods is not always perfect.

 Sometimes I also wanted to buy branded good things but as my mother said, "just try to experiment with what you have (clothes), do not have to wear fancy clothes to look fashionable but be your self and believe in what you use, you will look perfect." that words makes me realized that we can be fashionable without hurting yourself. 

on me :
LBD (made by myself)
bow belt (no labels)
shoes (st.lawrence)
etnic bracelet ( malioboro, jogjakarta)

ok dear, lets follow heart to have what you want.. just try , do, and pray insya allah will be true...
thats all for me , have a nice day everybody 

Rabu, 02 November 2011

hello november rain....

hello everybody, welcome back with me again... so long time do not write and im feel so guilty, im busy that i can say.. yeah i have a new project now with my BF and my bestie.. not too far from fashion and  that job make me dying. hahaha...

when im confused and so suck with im to do, i have my mood boster,  im very grateful because i have a wonderfull MOM, DAD, BF who always helping me and teach me how to be patient in every condition. im serious n fall in love my new project and someday  i hope i can be a good entrepreneurs.

on me :
tosca scalop dress : my annabel shop
blazer : my annabel shop
owl necklace : my annabel shop
shoes:  mee

welcome new month.. november with rain.. bring the happiness pleasee...