Rabu, 18 April 2012

After we hang out in Semarang city , we continue our journey to the beautiful island “ Karimun Jawa” yihaaa….
The Journey that we take is about 5 hours when we crossed from the port of Tanjung Mas ( semarang city). And this time we go with “KIRANA ship” , this ship loaded with 100 people and divided into two classes “ business” at the bottom place and the “executive” on the top floor. Existing facilities on this ship is good. Full air conditioning and TV cable , with this facilities our trip is not too boring.

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taken by instagram in front the ship...

the girls
winna, juan,annisa,me, nana

the boys
from left ( diazaro.cepot, tonny, unang, om udist, haris, caraka,deddy, aji)

Welcome to “KARIMUN JAWA”
Our group has been picked up by guide tour and they drove us to a house we would live for one night. After come to that place “our Guest House” we put our luggage and change our clothes with swimming items. And the adventures begin…

before we jump to the sea :D

me with Juan , look the beautiful fish near me.. :D

catch the sun rise...

you know what , living in indonesia, be part o this country im so blessed. so Indonesia not only have Bali , you should have to come in here .. because this place is very very beautiful island.

Kamis, 12 April 2012

Holiday is fun when you get to spend time with people we love most ( Family and Friends). And one of the fun is out of town to enjoy the holiday with friends or going to the Beach.

And here we go. I decide to spend my holiday with my beloved friends (MABEZ Famz), we are going to Semarang city and the next were going to Karimun Jawa islands. im very excited with this vacation because I have meet my friends, and have time to meet them is very difficult so when most of mabes fams participate this time I come in. who join this trip are kloter Jakarta ( Diazaro, Caraka, winna, Tony, Annisa), Bali ( deddy and Nana) , Samarinda (aji), Gorontalo (unang), Pekan Baru (Juan) , Surabaya (me , om yudist, cepoth, haris and sampank).

Going To Semarang,
I depart from Surabaya by bus with Om yudist , cepoth , and Haris.  the journey is approximately 8 hours drive. When I arrived at Semarang, we meet Deddy and his girlfriend nana in this terminal ( they depart from BALI) and then the others mabez famz ( jakarta kloter)  pick me up..  ok lets start the holidays…

waiting the bus comes and doing something silly... (at terminal bus)

Semarang city, located on Java island precisely in the middle. The atmosphere is pleasant, warm and friendly always there to make it feel at home."Proud to be Indonesian". There are many must-see tourist spot, but since there's not much we have only been in a few places in between ..

1. Soto Ayam PAK MAN,
First destination is in here , the atmosphere is Hot now and having lunch in here is the best way to make our body fit again. Usual SOTO contained in Indonesia has always had the character of each and like SOTO Pak Man who has a unique taste and make absolutely full.

2. Gift center semarang
Bandeng (Milkfish) Presto, spring rolls and much more typical foods we can eat semarang and used as a souvenir. You should have to eat or bring this food for gift, have not tried the spring rolls in town seemed to Semarang: D, there are variants to choose from including chicken and shrimp. And seriously is very delicious!
(In fact, after lunch continue the culinary tour it was not recommended .. because IM totaly FULL)

taken by instagram , were going to shopping

3. Lawang Sewu
This place is a historic building that has existed since Indonesia invaded in the Netherlands. Lawang Sewu means a thousand doors. If you enter this place, you can see the beautiful architecture of the era, the ancient buildings used for government offices is often considered the armature or a little creepy, though so this place is a must-see places when visiting this city.

4. Simpang Lima
When Jogjakarta has Malioboro as centers of activity, and also has a landmark semarang too, SIMPANG LIMA"the intersection of five" is a place that is never empty of visitors who wants walk around, shopping or enjoying the culinary. Simpang Lima are as a meeting point of five roads in the city of Semarang, among others, Jalan Pahlawan, Jalan Pandanaran (Pusat Oleh-oleh Semarang), Jalan Ahmad Yani, Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Ahmad Dahlan. So if the semarang do not forget to stop by here ...

5.  Semarang Atas, Gombel
You should have to come to this place Because is very very beautiful place, Semarang on a plateau and there are many places to eat which serve the vibrant city of Semarang in the evening. It's a romantic place, love it

After we have dinner, we go back again to TUGU MUDA for take a lot of pictures. Almost lost, but fortunately there are GPS, "that's why we love technology": D

There are many places in this city must be visited but unfortunately time is less, so expect to walk for longer in this city. 22:30 pm time to rest, SEMARANG IS AWESOME!
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