After we hang out in Semarang city , we continue our journey to the beautiful island “ Karimun Jawa” yihaaa….
The Journey that we take is about 5 hours when we crossed from the port of Tanjung Mas ( semarang city). And this time we go with “KIRANA ship” , this ship loaded with 100 people and divided into two classes “ business” at the bottom place and the “executive” on the top floor. Existing facilities on this ship is good. Full air conditioning and TV cable , with this facilities our trip is not too boring.

Bottom of Form

taken by instagram in front the ship...

the girls
winna, juan,annisa,me, nana

the boys
from left ( diazaro.cepot, tonny, unang, om udist, haris, caraka,deddy, aji)

Welcome to “KARIMUN JAWA”
Our group has been picked up by guide tour and they drove us to a house we would live for one night. After come to that place “our Guest House” we put our luggage and change our clothes with swimming items. And the adventures begin…

before we jump to the sea :D

me with Juan , look the beautiful fish near me.. :D

catch the sun rise...

you know what , living in indonesia, be part o this country im so blessed. so Indonesia not only have Bali , you should have to come in here .. because this place is very very beautiful island.


  1. OH! this is amazing! I recently wanting so much to visit Karimun Java. I love to dive and I would really like to visit this place for my next destination!
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  2. the picture with the fish is so beautiful! you must had a great time, yes? :)


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  4. shinta : yes sure , i'll follow you ... thank your comment :D ,yes just try to visit there..

    kalyana : yeah , i have a lot of happiness in there , just try to visit there :) :)

  5. Great pics :) !
    Love the picture with the fish

  6. Gorgeous shots! Looks like you had loads of fun =) X

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