hello October

heiiii there its been a long time no see .. I do not have time to write and I really miss to post something.

New Month New Spirit and New Hopes ...

now I have a new job, and my job this time is about banking sector in Indonesia. My new job this time make me faraway from home and parents, really sad to live alone, but still be blessed because weekend I could return back home.Initially assigned to the letter in a new city away from home and it is a sad thing, but when I started  (and not its almost a month). My new office made ​​me understand the meaning of teamwork, and this place is very homey.

now I live in the city a hefty little bit far from where I'm from. Actual mileage is only one hour but could not see my job guess at his return so forced me live not far from where I work.The place I work now is still quite rural, lots of fields and it was lonesome. Theres only one mini market, and one here and one in BANK , two Atm Machine (Atm only BRI in here). fortunately, the food here was tasty and cheap so a little rusty cooking at home. heheh.

Okay this story a lil bit about me, I hope you all had a fabulous day yaa...

oke this is what i love most..

                                                              on me :
             hat : limited , blouse : unbranded , shoes : my annabel shoes , bag : limited

Important lesson ..So i should be able to accept the fact though bitter though, remain and continue to be grateful with what you have obtained because there is wisdom behind sadness and disappointment and fortune was already set up. God does not sleep … !!!

see you soon friends , have a great october .... xoxo


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