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Nothing feels have entered the last month in 2012. Hello December, its been a long time did not write my blog. Already at the end of the year so wanted to refresh a lot of things that have been done through out the year 2012.
In the year 2012 so many events that really cant  be forgotten from happy to sad to happy .Praise was given the opportunity to make traveling many places and be with them [ friends ].
Trying to remember
January, the first month in 2012 and ive got the bad news . so sad to tell but its okay to reveal my feelings. I lost my job. hiks

Febuary, being an job seeker, I’ve try to send some applicants and get my holiday trip with my bf.  Fortunately I have a super mom and dad. They give me special gift that they allowed me to have some vacation . and I chose to have some relaxing vacation to SOLO .. yihaaa

March is Full of surprise ” !!
 What do you think if somebody treat you like a princess ???
Hmmm … this is my month , im being 24th years now and ive got surprise thing from them. (mom dad bf and also friends)
“wonderful holiday with Mabes Fams” semarang and karimun jawa island yippieee

(being 24th means time to fix everything more and more better, getting adult and I hope I can make my parents proud happy , thanks Allah for giving them in my life)
April, Happy milad my dear “BRANDON DWI SHAGA” . I don’t know why I cant be a romantic person since im with him. Seriously , I just want give you a lot of love and happiness with me. Wishing you have a great year dear …

May, getting stressed is time to “SHOPPING” ,               almost everyday im spend my time in this place .. say hello to MALL ( TP – DELTA PLAZA – GRANDCITY –ROYAL –PS.ATOM – ITC – LANMARC –CIPUTRA WORLD – and also my fav mall in surabaya :SUTOS” )

June, THIS month I spend my holiday with BF and MABES fams again to attended my besties wedding in Jakarta .” HAPPY WEDDING Degree “ Long lasting and more happiness

July, time to make a choice and I decided to quit from my job. Really sad to leave my best friends in there but life must go on right ? and I hope I can my new job as soon as possible . one thing imust remember that when you get suck in comfy zone just leave that there something better outside. Time to work hard again .. studying hard ..

August, I've got good news, I accepted work in one bank in Indonesia. so grateful. “fasting month” ... this month I live in the dormitory for 3 weeks and get to know amazing people again. Thanks Allah

Happy eid Mubarak all moslem all over the world

September, I’ve placed in new office, and this place is really far from my home. The first time I feel so sad to face this but fortunately my new friends is so nice and friendly. Alhamdulillah J
  This month make me realized that my dad is really super hero. And im glad to have him in my life.

oh ya , my side project was born "my annabel is back" follow @my_annabel for now my project about fashion hijab :) :)

October,  welcome LDR .. hiks!! This is not my first time to having LDR with BF but with my parents is my first and I feel so bad and sad . huhuhu .. this month make me fall in love with FRIDAY heheh.
I miss my home mom dad and also BF .
November with Rain, “be careful with your heart” .. this month made me learn to appreciate and enjoy what I've got now and will continue to maintain and care for this .Perhaps it was memories of the past but still remember to maintain what we got was more difficult than destroy it.

And now seemed missed something, I don’t know what is this but I miss something called “need” . new year eve and Christmas atmosphere feel so deep in this month, time to work hard and getting ready for long holiday.
2013 near , I wish…………………………… so many thing that I want. See you soon fellas ..


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