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Its been a mid of feb yes this is 14th feb , its time for me to say HAPPY VALENTINE dear (spread the love) and also HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY LUNAR year its kind of late but its okay right.

I do busy for so long, so I don’t have much time to write or having a photo shoot. But for sure I miss my blog for sure. So when my internet not doing suck I try to write again ..

Feb is always associated with month of love as known as VALENTINE DAY. And almost people around the world  celebrating this special day. I don’t know why this day everyone or most of people become more willing to communicate their feelings to their partner.  For any ages “LOVE” can makes others give their sacrifice more and more.

As this time, me at office feel that atmosphere in here more warm not as usual. me and my office mates have a lil party , we buy some ice creams and chocolates to celebrating this day. So affection is not only for BF/GF but for all people around us like them …

Well, to be honest I have never celebrated val day with bf. But this morning he called me just saying a beautiful words. So sweet, and makes me Realize that distance is not a big deal. LDR makes us more patient and believe that love makes us stronger.

Bf :  maybe im not a romantic boy like others. But see my love is true and you will be my last forever.
Me: I don’t need roses or roses , I just cant wait for home and hold you tight. Love you B

dating with ice cream , hmmm sweet thing with sweet moments..
de boliva 

i do love drawing so much .. this is one of my own.= for BF .. 


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