Welcome the almost end of 2014 . its been so long time and seriously its more than a year i didnt write anything in my blog. Do i miss my blog ?? indeed . so many things that i want to share , time goes flies and everything changed in a period. 

Ok whats new on me .. ??  im being 26 yo and ive been married with bf (still with him and finally haha) and everything has changed .
For bad and good times .. we make our promise in front of  GOD, Phropet Parrents, Family and also friends and it feels so mixed of happy sad complete at the moments.
I know it would'nt easy when we still in a relationship being la gf or la bf but i realized there so many times that have been passed, and I know it is not easy and winding should we be learning more and more to be patient above all differences, the nature, behavior and all the things that we never thought before.

I know all is not easy but one thing I'm sure I was strong through it is because of the blessing of God and the nearest person who always encouraged me to get up and always believe the problems in this world there is a way
and there is always a good plan of God for his people.

I write this not to scare you guys who have not made ​​the decision to get married. but just sharing and mutually reinforcing. haha welcome to the real life if most people say.

and my wedding dreams come true ..
before I say many thanks to all those who have contributed to the implementation of this important event.
Place ::THE QUENN rumah pesta & resto that has made my romantic garden wedding happen.
Decoration :: "Pak Mitro" which makes kuade was really very beautiful. i never imagine before and i really love it
Catering :: JAGA DHITA catering for your decoration and food absolutely yummy.
MUA :: "ARUM" for made me feel like princess that day and my dress was so pretty.
Photo and Video :: REMO photography for the beautiful shoot since my pre wed until the wedding.
Wedding singer :: ASTA FIRANI and the band makes my day .
family and friends "MABEZ FAMILY" who comes in my wedding

thank you so much...
there some pictures .. 

 my wedding invitation "our PERSONAL TASTE"

After "IJAB KABUL" cry and deg2an we look too excited haha


 ok thats all for me for loooong time no see , see you in another post blogger .. smooch


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