say hi to 2015

this is a first feb in 2015 , month of love like we known btw i would like to say happy new year everyone.. is kind of late but thats okay right ? i hope this year will be better and better.

2015 for me is time to make a changes into a good life . after marriage on 3rd june 2014 till know my weight is getting high and high , hiks
i do strict diet , start with no consume rice , eat only onces a day and the results is... The Doctor told me that im sick , theres something wrong with my liver . when the normal people should have SGOT 17-33 mine is 530. so i should have to take a rest for a week. No work No activity just eat and sleep. the doctor also told me to eat n drink the sugar things n should not do exercise . you know what is amazed me .. my liver getting normal and im getting Fat. haha 

even tough the lab check at moment said i recover but sometimes i still feel pain in my tummy when i get so much stressed or tired so its makes me feel awry . So this year i make a promise with my self i really want to be Healthy People. because when you getting sick not only you are but also the nearest people around you, your pocket  feel the pain too and makes me feeling guilty. so many people said that HEALTHY IS EXPENSIVE and i think is so truly right because what pay the doctor is not cheap. So guys when you feel your body is not in a good condition do not exert your self, have a rest and then dont forget to get some exercise "your body is need wet, dont only sit or sleep  in your room in a weekend but make a move."

what im gonna do ??

1. Sleep earlier 
2. try to fasting every monday and thursday 
3. wake up earlier to have jogging
4. do not skip breakfast 
5. do exercise after work , i choose YOGA (i'll tell about it soon)
6. mineral water only
7. eat more food containing fiber like veggie fruit n Yogurt 

is gonna be hard work for me , but i'll try my best . is not only about number of your weight but your good health.

take care everybody .

my kind of sunday , after walking around my house i find the comfy place to sit n this me time . Reading my fav magazine ever gogirl! (january issue so inspiring) 

for recommend i choose heavenly blush yogurt for accompany me this morning. Blackcurrant is my fav. Yogurt is good for our body. high fiber less sugar 


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