get lost in seoul day 1

still in the day 1 ..

after visited the yg building we continue to go to banpo bridge  to see the moonlight rainbow fountain which be the must visited object in korea. why its called rainbow fountain ?? because when the sun begins to set , there 200 multicolored light illuminate the fountain that falls directly into the han river under the bridge.

The fountain is flowing from the left and right side of the bridge, which is 1,140 m in length. Water discharge issued approximately 190 tons per minute. The fountain is falling at a distance of 43 meters from the bridge. Accompanied by music, rainbow fountain is like to dance. and this show recorded by guinness world record and  if you k-drama fever you should be know banpo bridge is always be the set in every k-drama. 

in case ..
actually i kinda doesnt agree to go there in day 1 just because we has arrived in different temperature . from 30 in my country and extremely be minus celcius in south korea it so worried me just because i just wear long john, shirt, leather jacket, and legging and without any preparation how to get there and time to see that show but we still go there with bismillah. hehe

in the middle trip 
my friends wasnt have strong faith and start shopping in the "market station", my watch showing in  near eight number according to source of the books i read the show starts at 8 pm and only lasted about 15 minutes. after leaving the station exit we get confused to which pass road that should we choose and walk with no direction finally we find a long wide street and in the end i see the light twinkle in the distance. it seems that place that were looking for.

we also rushed to get there. we passed this street so familiar in the memory, this location like set in K-drama that I watch. shaped like a jogging track or bike tracking, there so many people have exercise in here or just enjoying the view of han river. this night the wind is very strong and i saw the temperature get minus in three celcius, seriously i cant enjoy the view. and time show 8.30 pm yeaaah we couldnt see anything and getting frozen. 

we decided to enter the CNN cafe for looking for the warmth. 

CNN cafe locaation in Banpo Hangang Park , the best place with beautiful view. you can order coffee and the warm things. places rated 9 prices standard but fo me the waiters less to use english languange. it make us in difficulty situation to order something. (its look like awkward moments when i dont know what you said and so do i haha ) but finally the awkward moments has done and we can have our vanilla latte and hot chocolate.

 as i said this cafe has a great architecture , cozy , and  very romantic places. you can see a lot of people not only the tourist but also the local residents. the wi-fi connection is fast and this place equipped with electric plugs so we can charge our smartphone.

time show 10 pm time to go home and walk again .when we want to find a way to get back to the station, we look for another way to follow people who go into the tunnel and I ventured to ask how to go to the station.

I meet two young lady and they are very good-natured though once again the constraints in the language but they would drive me to the station. they are so nice, but when i arrive in station my fellas get lost or maybe the correct answer i lost them. i think i walk faster than them. im wait with hope because i dont bring router of wifi ,my passport and cash money .. poor me but its about 10 minutes waiting in front of station they come. so glad to see thei faces .. my bad fellas so sorry.

it takes one hour to get our guest house , its so  loooong day and i thin my feet become numbs. i dont know how far we walked today but thanks god im in seoul.

good night friends, see ya in my other recent trip to south korea


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