still lost in south korea

talk again about my last trip to south korea , its been two months ago but i cant move on from that place. and  now we almost in the end of april, kind of late to write but yeah i feel so bad i cant write just because i do not have time to write , i have a busy schedules in my weekend (i'll tell that soon as possible) so this my late story when i get lost in my seoul..

day 2 
12/02/2015 we decided this day to go to EVERLAND because we woke up very late in this morning , we think that play a whole day is the best idea and then here we go. from the guide book that i read before we can catch the bus from gangnam street. the bus took me about an a hour. the bus remind me of a lot of kdrama that i watched . OMOO !! IM SIT In HERE ... the traffic is look like in kdrama too.. so crowded,  and i think they drive with reckless of oats but finally we arrive safely.


so glad to see the sun even the wind still make us frozen ... brrrrr

GANGNAM STREET is one of the famoust district in south korea "OPPA GANGNAM STYLE" psy . place that we can see the technology advances,great buildings and theres so many cute place to hang and special place when you really want to have face like a barbie . you can see a lot of plastic surgery clinic in here.

 this is a famous tree in everland . so happy to be here there a lot of game that we can play in here . i do not fear with extreme sport or game but this place .. seriously i can say anything the weather is going bad . too windy and the temperature going minus again. 23000 won for entry and its open 10.00 am till 20.00 pm .from the many games area that exist at everland i just enjoy to watch 4d concert of bigbang. haha

do not eat churros in this place , its too expensive . haha 

yeay lucky me .. i can take 4d picture with bigbang member free with silly story behind. haha. 

theres a lot of pretty things in here the decoration of winter so amaze me.. the game too even i choose to not play anything in there .. but fo me everland so great place , must visited place when you come to south korea, but not in winter season i guess..

see ya again in the next story .


  1. heyyyy Me also!! just updated my blog!!!! ahahaha


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