happy 18 months anniversary

im trying hard to write this blog, but i cant do well because im too busy to do that... im seriously want to write about fashion and anything in my life, so this is my feelings about last days ...

11.07.2011 ..
A special day for me, because today I celebrate the my anniversary with BF . Does not feel was one and a half years with him. No big celebration, no candle light dinner, or a gift but this morning he called me.
Surprised, because when he called me I was still asleep and it's picking up the phone with a tone slightly unconscious. I cant realize if he's remembering this special day, greeting and prayer spoken of him ..

On the phone.

Him: "more love .. Do not fight a lot .. and get married , wait yaa .. you'd be able to apply as soon as possible .. just take a while for wait that time ... :*
Me: ameen, I love you more ... do not ever get bored hun ..
Hmmm ... his words successfully made me wake up and flattered. I pick a soundtrack to express my feeling today This is a song from mocca "LUCKY ME"..

Don’t want to live without  your love

Without your smile
Cause I know I love you

You will always stay when I call you
Though I know you’re not felling well
Even in the dark, in rainy night
You always stay to walk with me

Im so lucky yo have you
So happy to love you

Don’t wanna live without your love
Without your smile
Without your sentimental
Live without your love
Without your cry
Without your everything

we have the same t-shirt, we bought in Music T-shirt, and we choose this ... Led zappelin , we are connected because we have the same colours of music, we love the rock en roll music. and because that we fall in love.. haha

on me : black t-shirt "Orange", grey jeans "no labels", sandals "no brand"
on him : sweeter "Ouval Research", shirt : "no labels", sandals "mejiku"

i know you .. you know me .. we know each others that we fall in love and we hope it will be last forever.. 


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