lil story about me and him...

Today I came into office with a swollen eyes,  my mom and my friend's office asking me, “are you crying? or why your eyes look so sad?”   I just said that I really feel so sleepy.
The eyes cant lie.. I think this right, mmm I need to put on some eye liner into my eyes or just use my sun glasses right now to cover this..

Well, the last 3 days I do feel really busy, and once again I feel my bedtime is lacking And I  receive the effects of today, all day I felt really wanted to close my eyes for a moment and having a dream high but it is not possible, because  this office is not in my bedroom.

Once again feel useless, im doing nothing today, I just try to write something in my blog or watching another blog from others and lets to playlist music. So many songs in my playlist but this Is that make my mood feel so calm.
"PULANG" by FLOAT ... hmmm this song reminds me with my lovely city "SOLO". The Foods ,station, atmosphere, family, friends .... Well I miss so much with that town…

Solo city , is one of my favorite place to go.. almost every month I went go there , but now I cant go there again because I have so many day of  hectic.  why I love this town so much is because I meet him for the very first time.  “brandon dwi shaga”  , that’s my BF name..  we  have been together since 11-01-10 until now, and I hope it will be the last forever.

This is memory when we having a long distance relationship for a couples months. And I wrote that notes when I feel so deeply hurt of missing him.

Waiting ...
was at the station, waiting for the train came to see him pick me up in the city of dreams. Mixed feelings when I began to enter the carriage, missed and wanted to see me stay awake and not tired of looking watch that I wear, the wait ended when the train had been stopped at the station I was headed.
And I saw you there, the man who faithfully waiting for me at the station, waiting for her arrival. Not too hard to look in the crowd of passengers passing by because it has a high posture, and that makes it seem easier in the search are always waiting for him with an expression that is always the same, her eyes looked so worried and anxious and then overnight turned instantly into a smile that expands when I was standing right in front of him.
That was the beginning of each encounter us these past few months, gaze and the smile that always makes me opium,
Still in the same place, at the station ..
The situation is slightly different here, with me waiting for a train that would take me to go back to my town. We always try to laugh at every opportunity to enjoy the time together that will be end. But the smile that changed instantly when Crete had arrived, an expression that I never liked from his eyes when i will go to my city of. His stare is turned into something I hate.
Trying  desperately   to hold back tears that drip.
 We hugged and he gave me a kiss. In my knowledge, he is not a man who wanted to hold my hand in public let alone kiss me, but this time he did not seem to care even though many pairs of eyes that  see us. He kept kissing me and hugging me tightly.
"Do not ever get bored waiting for me, would have met, and always remember the promise"
And finally the train take me home and I can only see it from behind the window that the longer-diminishing.
Meet .. apart ..
began to miss and that's what I'm waiting ..
waiting for the day when im with you ... ... ....

Notes:: Gubeng STATION, STATION race, train Sancaka, the dream city "SOLO"

on him 
*sweater : OUVAL research
*shorts : no labels
*bag : MAGNUM
*sandals : mejiku
*photograph and editing by me

this photos taken in Solo Balapan station, look my bf face .. so cute isnt it ?? haha... i always remember this moment that i want to go back to my town. solo-balapan the place that i miss the most right now.. i just really miss that town.. i just want to go back later... i wish....

my bf is not an romantic boy, but in our anniverssary he gave me that flowers, and lil black forest [ but im forgot to take that pict] ,you know that i feel so flattered when ive got that thing. this is our romantic moment together when we having a ldr at that time.

on me
*jacket : OUVAL research
*t-shirt : orange
*jeans : no labels
*sandal : no labels
*photograph BF and editing by me

this is me.. before the train took me into my city...

and this is my BF face when i leave him at that time.. so sad and always makes me cry....

this is our story, me and my BF .. we have a lot of memory solo-surabaya "We Fall in LOVE"


  1. You are too cute! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story! xoxoxoo

  2. Aw, so cute. This post made me happy in a way, I love when people can be emotional.

    / Avy

  3. thank you so much dear ... im seriously flattered with your comments.

    enjoy my blog anyway .. xoxo


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