good news .. !!

its a been a long long time a go i didnt sit and start to write again.. oh i've been so busy and dont have much time to share in my blog. but i have some news.. i have a new project to make a little store.. i called it "my annabel" .

thats what a cool name, it inspired from the girl i saw from blog, her name is annabel ly from blushing ambition blog .. i love her blog and style so much, i wish i  can go to see and hang out with her someday ... (in my dream) . i dont know why i choose it but i wish with that name my store will grow big and better. ..  ameennn...

this store sell something cute for girl.. there are rings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, clothes, scarfs and so many thing (girl outfit ). just like the motto " we try to understand what a gilr wants " .

there some rings in "my annabel" store. cute ? isnt it...  the prize is so cheap .. it only idr 18 and idr 20. i'll be show you again soon.

oh yaa.. thanks for you annabel , happy eid mubbarak for all moslems in the world.. i love you guys. 


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