its another again...

The girl knew the man's figure a few years ago and until now, nothing has changed never guess it's still the same. And do not feel has been almost two years they have never met and only communicate with a text message or with a telephone.
And now they have the opportunity to meet for the umpteenth time, a sense of longing, nervousness mixed. At the meeting arrived, they appear to look awkward, especially for men who look looking girl with an unusual look.
their relationship remains the same, never a word to continue this relationship into a more serious direction. 
they really liked each other and more than needed each other but there's always a reason that never get them to realize the desired relationship. 

I consider it more than just my partner in crime, because when i with him I always feel like the most special woman. 
I do not know I felt only he could keep up a sense of selfish, understanding and always there when I need a shoulder to lean on. 

We separated a distance, many fundamental differences but never made us feel so much. 
I always felt he was there beside me and help me when I really felt alone. 
We also have mutually decided to not contact each other, trying to get away and forget each other but that too did not last long because there is always a reason to return. 

They've been in position to hurt and injure each other, but also compassion and even then never leave. 
Guess it's growing into a sweet relationship. 

And now when he asks the girl to live with him, and could only smile and she answer that question. 
Girl: ".. why now?" When I already have someone who is very meaningful for me ..? 
(Pause for a moment and hold back her tears) 
The man: "I'm sorry, because I'm always too late .. for 
 late for my feelings, too late to ask with me and for make you happy with me .. 
she cant hold back her tears, "I've been waiting for you, even when you're has woman that you love. 
I'm waiting for you to say and asked me to be with you. " 
the man hugged her tightly. 
I'm really sorry. I should not keep you waiting like that, and now I just want to see you happy. 
Girl: you know, is not I want to reject you, I hope you understand, I just want you to be happy with or without me. 
man : sure.. im happy when see you happy dear.. focus with your love and keep it. he so lucky guy to having you in his life, i hope he will be last for you.. and we meet again when you already to invite me in your special moment later.

girl : (still crying), sre you gonna leave me ??
man: im must go now just remember im not leaving you, i'll always be with you .. just stop cry and let give me your best smile.. i love you and i love you so.....

and then he hug her again and give the sweet kiss .. im gonna missing you .....

tears, smile, and promises.. there are the reason why i can stand up for you untuil now and then..

notes : Love comes in ways that we never expected. love makes us hope, waiting,smiling and crying. although it could not kia together with people we love,always hoping there will be someone who is best for our lives. thank you so much love, I get to meet, know and live this story with him .. never regret :)

always remember "everything happend for a reason"


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