BAD turn into GOOD

Last week ive got  BAD n GOOD things , the bad things “ive lost my Vehicle Registration (STNK) , I don’t know why my STNK lost but something that I know I put my STNK in my pocket of jacket.. huhu clumsy me.. :’(

After the bad , there are things make me feel Happy . still in last week, ive got an sms “ congratulations, you passed the selection stage of the hiring Angkasa Pura” , hmm I don’t realized because I have sent my application for 2 months ago. So, I went go to Jakarta (Monday and Tuesday) with my dady to attended the first Test and now I just waiting for the next result . (wish me luck)

Ok next my other happiness , ive got this from IMMA BATIK . the sarimbit batik for me and BF, so lovely isn’t it ? I love the colour , model and also the pattern. Thank you so much for that..

from here

the detail

learn something.. "more carefull and do not careless again"
bad events do not always bring bad things sometimes ALLAHhas prepared good news for his people. always remember ALLAH plan is always good

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  2. There's always a reason behind everything. Congrats and good luck! Your blog is awesome.

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