Sparkling Sunday

I am very excited about this morning, because I will come to attend the event "SPARKLING SUNDAY with hijabee" in the restaurant nine Surabaya. Not only me excited about  these days but also my soulsister (my cousins "vey shinta" and hakiki Mayasari ") early mornig they bbm to wake me up. invitation event at start 09.30 and I had bath from 7am, help my mom, prepare breakfast and waiting my BF come to pick me up. there is a problem wrote in this morning, from the "bf" a late wake up to my BF motorcycle tire leak and we had to find a workshop. Hahaha  really struggle in the morning, but Alhamdulillah finally I and my cousins arrived safely at the restaurant nine.

The event presented a very interesting start of the beauty, charm in the person of a Muslim woman, how to become a entrepreneurship , bazaars until the fashion show was shown (really do not regret coming). Not only are the performers who really entertaining but the hijabee Surabaya who had come to the event "Subhan Allah" were beautiful and really fashionable. Not wrong if i say im proud of my hijab, even though I have yet to fully wear the hijab but with this show  I really will try to cover the nakedness and quickly use the full hijab. (amen)

Until the awaited event, talk show with "dian pelangi" and "kak lulu", one word "awesome", not expecting to see in person, was really beautiful. That I love her statement in making every effort, always intend all to Allah.

So much fun today, although it is a bit tiring but the experience today really will not be forgotten. Hopefully science provided useful (insha allah)

theres some pictures from the show ...

the fashion show .. 

break at lunch .. yummy food :) 

the bazaar... 

me and my nephew

i have some new stuf 
on me : 
hareem "lucida"
blue " orange"
wedges "unbrand"
bag "mulbery"
editing by me

with Dian pelangi and Lulu

theres my soulsister " me , hakiki mayasari and vey shinta"


  1. These pictures are beautiful. Is English your first language? Because you write it beautifully. I always admire how woman style the hijaab.

    I studied Arabic in college but we were mainly taught fusHa (modern standard). I'd give anything to learn more 'aamia dialect. Maybe you can help me with al-lugha al-arabiia. What dialect do you speak? :)

    You have a wonderful blog. I'm a follower.


  2. These pictures are really gorgeous, it really shows how beautiful traditional wear can actually be x

  3. the fashist : im from indonesia sistah , i cant speak arabic languange:)

    no argue : thank you dear..

    pola katelu : hehe, yeah i meet her :D, totaly admire her ..

    celia : thank you .... :*

  4. sis,,difoto waktu bazzar belanja di "AIMEE" yaa .. sista ada Phone atau alamatnya "AIMEE" ga? cz waktu HijabeeSparklingSunday ak ga sempet beli.. :(

  5. aww so lovely :) thanks for visiting my blog dear <3
    wanna follow each other ?

  6. hi beautiful! a lot of tnks for ur comment! oh, it's amazing have a soulsister! :O (: do u want to follow each other? (:

    xx from Spain!!

  7. thanks for visiting my blog!! gorgeous pictures! absolutely gorgeous!!

    allister bee blog

  8. charlotes : thank you ...

    Naza : alamat aimee di Royal Plaza LT-1, H-3- 38 sistah ..

    ade : sure lovely ...

    elisabeth : sure ...

    paislea : thank you so much dear ..

    disturbed style : thanks ... :) :)

  9. hi thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)
    seems like you had a lot of fun in the fashion show!
    yes, and keep being healthy :D
    i'll try my best to be a healthy person too hahahaha

  10. That looks great, cute photos!

    Xo, Imke

  11. wow. everyone looks so lovely. awesome post.
    care to follow? ill follow back.


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