misserable ....

accidentally open the pictures folder on the laptop and I found this .. 
This photo was taken for awhile, maybe in the year 2010.
 Which reminds me, intensively-incessant want to promote my online shop boutique "beb coco mega shop" and the girl next to me is a lucky girl that can be my first model. [Hahaha ... kidding I should be grateful because she has been willing to be a model for my new project]
Her name is "juan Thalita", the girl who have blessed from God has a height 170 cm this was really make me envy. [Because I just have height is only 160 cm huhu], not only the professional stature, juan also has a face and body shape according to the model. So it is not difficult for her to wear with any model and all colors. 
I met her for the first time in my campus ITS was about 5 years ago, since then we become close friends until now. I really adore her, not because of her beauty but also have amazing personalities. Juan comes from other city, she comes from  Pekan Baru, she getting faraway with her family but she could survive alone in a strange city about 4 years. Wew so salute, really proud to have a friend like that. Her dreams is want to be a model but her daddy is less approve it, even though she already had talent, but she is also a smart woman. Plain and simple that it can not be changed from a juan Talitha. Really miss her very much, it's been almost a year now we have not seen since she returned to her hometown. 

we had a lot through the day of fun, friends confide in, friends to learn and a fun friend. So glad to know her and be her friends ... 

The facts about juan Thalita .. remembering the stories that she tell me when she first took the train. Haha .. and even after 3.5 years living in Surabaya he still could not use the Java language. 

this is some photos me and juan ..
juan wears 
* dress : beb coco mega shop
* shoes : privite shoes
* photographer : samidmidaz
*editing by me*

megara wears
* leopard dress : my mother old vintage
*shoes : no labels
*photographer : samidmidaz
*editing by me*

look at that.. shes so pretty yet ?? how tall you are juuoonn ...  [envy face] overall i really loves my mom dress. it look so vintage and chic. i do some thing with this dress. before it this dress is lika a long dress and then because i feel so weird to use the long things i prefer to cut that dress like that. what do you think ?? so simple and still nice ... kn.. hehe... sorry mom to ravge your stuff. 

i hope we can meet as soon as posible ju..
love you always juan..
i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu............................. !!!


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