the tiring week

Last week im getting SICK.. yes my doctor said that Im positive thypus . this is the very first time for me and hope it will be the last time to feel that.
What its like ?? so painful, I cant eat anything , it feel like my stomach reject  food that I want to eat. I only drink and getting drunk with the pils for a view days.
My mom said to me : do you feel stress with your work honey,,?? you know what, the sickness is coming from your self, and I think you getting stressed with something.
I said : Im not getting stressed , I guess… I just don’t know why my stomach getting so suck…??
Mom : do not DIET Again and do some exercise for your body …
Me ………………………. L

before im sick i went go to Ponorogo , the town is about 5 hours from surabaya. i went go there for a reason that my best friend had a wedding ceremony. you know what when i saw him make a promise in the "ijab kabul" ceremony i was cried. not because im sad or happy but that ceremony always thrill my heart.
im so happy of them...... "masca & kindi".

ijab kabul ceremony is the time when you [ man ] ready and willing to give promise to be faithful to God as dead in a lively you love. this is so sacral because this promise is for one time in your life. this ceremony succesfully always makes me cried. i wish i could have that man who have seriously with me and not fear to makes a promise to me as my husband. oohhh i cant wait that time.......... 

my fault  was not listen my body and too impose that and then i go fall and sick. hmm.. and i cant come to the wedding party and see my friend. huhu im so regret ...........
Well.. now im promise not only for me but for them I’ll keep my body and I’ll have time to eat better and get some exercise .. starting to the healthy life :D

HEALTHY IS IMPORTANT THING and I will think twice before I let them hurt.

Forgive me ….    “MY BODY” //  for this … T.T
“MOM” // “DAD” // for spending a lot of money and make you worried  L
“BEE” //  ooh.. I missing you like crazy .. !!!

thank you lord for blessing me again and again....

this is me with om udist, yodie, maska ,kindi, sekar and sampang

this is "masca and kindi" so georgeous !!!
haha i cant wait to use that "kebaya" with my patner in crime later.....
happy wedding for them......


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