welcome holy month ...

Hello im here again, oh I miss my blog so badly…
Never realized that , I can reunite with highly anticipated this month. Time for me and all uslims around the world celebrate this.  Ramadhan means time to collect the goodness and abstinence to whit stand hunger, anger, and behave.
I love ramadhan because I have a lot a quality time with My MOMS and Dad. Thanks Allah for giving me chance to see this month.
Happy FASTING everybody ……
may allah bless us 

i have spend the day with my besties last sunday, and we have some cutey photoshoot with use  "HIJAB STYLE". 

on me : tshirt-no labels, grey trousers -Soda, bag-nolabels, shoes-me, rings-Cheapstuff

 they are my besties , sylvia as conie sisters and ovey as my nephew. we look so glamorous isnt it ?? BLACK is never BORING To combine with anything.

hijab style by jamjamur (sisyl)
photograph by sampank
editing by me
location KEIKO (kedai Kopi) Surabaya


  1. oh my, you all look amazing, so classy! I love your ways of wearing hijab :) ♥

  2. thank you dear.. im still learn that.. i wish i can do that.. :*


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