I N D O N E S I A ....

last yesterday 17 August 2011 , my country INDONESIA has a celebrate the 66th independence day.  i love INDONESIA ... you should has to come to my country because we have a lot of beautiful things. the historical, culture, foods, and so many things. im very grateful to be born and grown in here.

one word but is so meaningful "MERDEKA"(freedom) ..... !!!! and merdeka for me means ....
* when people can be totaly free from poverty and food crisis, even tough they live in a country known for exrtaordinary wealth of this.
* when the nation's leaders really care about the fate of this people sincerely promise and not for himself and just for his faction welfare.
*when urban development was based on the interest society rather than just for the profit.
* when INDONESIA citizen , governments, and leaders of nations would fight together for the welfare of this country.
* Igonorance of health and Welfare of the public starvation in Indonesia getting better.

There are still lots of notes and renewal needs to be done. whetever the leader now and later, the problem inside this, i still and always love my beautiful country INDONESIA
hopefully indonesia has a great leader soon as possible, be mature because you no longer young.

merah putih, garuda di dadaku, indonesia you are the blessed country in the world.

 on me:
military red blazer : bebcocomegashop
shorty : no labels
boot : Diazaro



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