Philosophy of happiness

I think the thing that makes me really happy is when  ....

1. Seeing my parents smiling and proud of what I do.
(Although it will never be enough to repay them but I really wish I could return the favor and make them happy.)
2. Able to rise from adversity and be able to continue to live with a smile.
3. When spending time with him to this day and until later ....
4. Having them in my life (mom, dad, BF, friends and also Haters)
5. Able  to feel and appreciate the love
6. Prayer and my dream come true

..... etc

graduation day

on me : pinkish Kebaya "design by my self" 

this is one of my favorite photo ever, because i can see smile from my beloved Mom and Dad.... 
 i have no brother and sister so i promise to my self to make my parents happy and i'll be a good girl for them...


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