hello november rain....

hello everybody, welcome back with me again... so long time do not write and im feel so guilty, im busy that i can say.. yeah i have a new project now with my BF and my bestie.. not too far from fashion and  that job make me dying. hahaha...

when im confused and so suck with im to do, i have my mood boster,  im very grateful because i have a wonderfull MOM, DAD, BF who always helping me and teach me how to be patient in every condition. im serious n fall in love my new project and someday  i hope i can be a good entrepreneurs.

on me :
tosca scalop dress : my annabel shop
blazer : my annabel shop
owl necklace : my annabel shop
shoes:  mee

welcome new month.. november with rain.. bring the happiness pleasee...


  1. love your dress pretty<3
    of course,I'm following you now!!
    Would you like to follow me back?
    Keep in touch<3


  2. thank you...
    yes sure, i'll follow you back ..

    lets be friends :*

  3. Great combination dear!!! Love the colour of your dress :)
    If you like my blog and you wanna... we could followed each other! :)

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  4. yes sure dear..
    i'll follow you..

    we could follow each other..
    lets be friend :*

  5. oh you're so pretty in that green drees! love it ;)
    thank you for following honey...

  6. saphira : thank you lovely comment , xoxo
    irene : thank you so much dear..

  7. nice dress! thanks for dropping by my blog :)


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