Fashion Quotes of the day .....

my fashion quotes today :

To be fashionable should not buy or use goods branded or expensive, because I believe bargains are not always bad or ugly, and vice versa branded goods is not always perfect.

 Sometimes I also wanted to buy branded good things but as my mother said, "just try to experiment with what you have (clothes), do not have to wear fancy clothes to look fashionable but be your self and believe in what you use, you will look perfect." that words makes me realized that we can be fashionable without hurting yourself. 

on me :
LBD (made by myself)
bow belt (no labels)
shoes (st.lawrence)
etnic bracelet ( malioboro, jogjakarta)

ok dear, lets follow heart to have what you want.. just try , do, and pray insya allah will be true...
thats all for me , have a nice day everybody 


  1. nice dress :) follow me if you love and i'll follow you back .

  2. very true words! bargains rule! i love your entire look! i am now following and would love if you followed back :)))

  3. sabrina : sure dear, im following you now
    humanity : thank you so much , yes im following you now :) :)


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