im in BOW

hello everybody , 
i have a new lil project with my mommy now.. there are some our creativity ... this is from our soul n made from love :D

 we made some bow for hair band, hair clip or some pin. we divide some task, momy make the pattern and then sew to make a beautiful rbbon and then my jobs are combine the colour , finishing and publishing..

this is for sale , 

colourfull like a rainbow and cute like a bow.. 
i sell some stuf in Gogirlmagz , my store name is my annabel .. :) :)


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment dear! Now, follow you by GFC too!!!Don’t forget we can also follow each other on Facebook & Twitter, LOOKBOOK or CHICISIMO ;)

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  2. yes sure dear, i'll follow you each other :)


  3. uber cute bow!!!! ♥♥
    do u sell another stuff?
    i love ur blog! following u now :0
    check out mine and if u like it we can follow each other :D


  4. yes im sell another stuff , find my store on :D , sure .. i'll following you :D

  5. Hey dear, thank you for pass ti me! i follow you now on bloglovin, i like your blog so much!!
    I hope that you follow me too!!

  6. sure dear .. i'll follow u back ..
    thank you for your comment..


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