about her

being a single child in my family not make me feel alone , yeah sometimes i feel so 
but it doesnt matter because i have soulsister to full fil my life , one of my soulsister is my cousins . let me introduce her ..
her name is "vey shinta mayasari" , were grown together. we have a quality time together since we still young . shopping, traveling, working ( she help me, to be my model for my onlineshop :p) and so many things. 

on me and her : blazer from "beb coco mega shop"
shoes: no labels
photograph : diazaro
editing by me

our age not differ much adrift just one year so we're close. lil bit about her .. she have a skiny body , smart, and also have a good personality. she has a bad memories with her ex-bf but now shes grown quickly and found a new love. i wish he could be the last for my sistah... (amin)

in my family, my granddaughter of my grandfather was attended mostly in enginering majors, including me and my cousins. we have the same title behind our name , ST (engenering major) . although the majority of engenering campus was occupied by men doesnt change our mind to forget about fashion. we still in love dressing and photograph ever ... :D

do not feel our age has been increasingly growing up , now our mission is same, to make our family happy and getting married as soon as posible..
always hope the best for you sistah.. i hope we can reach our dream..
love and big hug ..
thank you for accompany me .... :) :)


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  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! Great photos!

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  3. aww, u and your nephew look so cute :) same here, i don't have any sister dan sangat dekat sama sepupu yang juga perempuan. nice collections, btw <3

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  6. Love the 2nd look! (:

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  7. nice nice nice outfits

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  9. You both look cute with your glamorous outfit ;)

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  10. Lovely dresses!!!! Nice blog!!!
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  11. thank you! ♥
    you and your sister look so cute, it seems great to have a sister with the difference of 1 year!

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  14. aww, this is so cute, glad that you and your cousin gets along so well!


  15. woah! cool coat and boots on the first picture dear. awesome one <3

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  16. I love the blue dress!!!

    ¡Besitos Fashionistas!

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  18. My cousin is an only child, but we grew up together also. Love the last picture. The colors are so pretty.

  19. these are beautiful photos, thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you come back soon!


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