Rock en Roll its in me...

if you wanna ask me, what is my favorite music the answer is I Love to heard easy listening music [ according to my ears] , I heard so many things but now I’m ready to fall in love with this music ..

my fav band of rock en roll for now is “ the sigit”, why I love them because their music can give me spirit when I feel bad and their music can give the positive energy to everyone including me.
This is one of the sigit song that I loved most..

some lyric:

" i wanna life forever, whom you realize forever means together"
i wanna give you hold all the time
and wear you robe
it just, for the pouring rain
all the time (my life is raining all the time)
" i want to do change your last name and be a wife"

                                                                                                   - All The Time -
                                                                                                    by the s.i.g.i.t

ooh God , it an a romantic song with the best lyric.. Romantic is not only about the mellow and so hellow but romantic is in our heart and prove it [ to someone that you love most ], and everyone has their own way to express their feeling.

just like me, rock en roll is not about the hardest thing or something dark but is shows us " who you are ". and i choose this to collect my rock en roll stuff..

* grey jeans with cappuchon : beb coco mega shop 
* hot pants : no labels
* black tank top : no labels
* shoes : me
photograph DIAZARO
at mabes


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